Security Operations Center (SOC) focus is solely on security.

While it may perform much of the same network and endpoint monitoring as the SOC, it is looking for evidence of potential cybersecurity incidents, not performance issues. SOC-driven network upgrades and redesigns will be focused on improving visibility and the prevention, detection, and response to cyberattacks.


Ensuring Network Performance And Security

NOCs and SOCs are similar but have very different objectives. A NOC is tasked with ensuring that an organization’s IT infrastructure continues to function properly, while a SOC is responsible for detecting and protecting against cybersecurity threats.

To be both effective and secure, an organization’s IT infrastructure should be supported by both a NOC and a SOC. Having distinct teams, whether internal or outsourced, is essential to ensure that the company has access to the proper expertise and gives adequate attention to both network performance and security. That being said, collaboration and coordination between the NOC and SOC is also vital to maximize efficiency and ensure that network modifications or upgrades do not sacrifice performance for security or vice versa.